Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Autumn of Junkfood (The final leaves Hold strong)

Its nearing the end of the term...and the end of the year, everyone on edge, blood pressure is high, our director Mr Harrison is suffering from a slight stress induced temporal memory loss.

The textures are all done, The modelling is all done, all thats left now is the animation, rendering and Post Production.

Myself, Chris and Ajdin are the Post production people so were gonna be after effecting the movie until the early hours. Our groups come a long way...sure weve had a few setbacks...and a few more even larger ones, its been a bit of a bumpy ride, but i think now that everyones feeling the pressure were starting to work more as a team. Some of us are using our tiny tiny tiny smidgen of spare time to fill our other folders, I began doing some animation tests on sophies skirt using different deformers and keying them whilst Natasha has been practicing the Dynamics that i taught her the other day. Mehmets breaking his back animating, Louis is working till the early early hours (he works whilst the sun sleeps) and Chris is finalising a texture.

The final few kinks we have now are the huge size and ammount of memory these scenes require, converting the textures from .TIFFS to 24 and 16 bit TGA files seems to decrease the memory burden on maya a tiny bit but nothing extreem.
Everyones a little worried about the movie, and we recieved some rather harsh yet honest words from Daniel Dali on Monday, and that seems to have put some people into shock induced work mode now ^_^ which is great, everyones powering onwards.

Good luck to you all guys.
Were gonna need it

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Festival in June!


Submissions for JUNE 2009.

I think we should enter. It would be a good oppertunity to be a part of.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Opening Sequence Refference

Here is a quick refference for the opening scene of the movie, refference is taken from Final Fantasy VII opening Sequence.
This is just for the sequence where the camera pans through what looks like space and eventually down to sophie's zepplin model.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

More References!!

So even tho everyone decided that the grave stones will be made up of bits of junk and a little bit of stone, these are just a few pics that can help us get an idea of what can be created for the graveyard, (mainly to help me get some inspiration for modelling the grave stones/plaques)

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We're busy!

Nice little animation:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

9 Trailer - and some incredible referrence material!

I remember seeing a short animated film called 9, directed and made by Shane Acker, a year or so (maybe longer) ago, it's incredible to realise how an animated short could - and now has been turned into a full length feature film. It's directed by Tim Burton, and has voice acting by celebrity actors including Elijah Wood.. Just incredible, to go from such humble beginnings as an independent film producer to go to the big screen with such calibre and class as Burton on board.. So this is what us animators should aspire to, think big, deffinately..

And the original animated short it's based on:

And just one more for good measure; Jojo in the Stars, Directed by Marc Craste, 2003, Studio AKA.

Furthermore, I've found an interesting website with plenty of great steampunk, dieselpunk, and anything else in between: it's updated on a daily basis, and has a whole host of different articles and images. 'The Gatehouse'